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Supporting a Loved One with a New Mesothelioma Diagnosis

Posted by Lindsey Cheek | Aug 06, 2021 | 0 Comments

If a loved one is facing a new mesothelioma diagnosis, you undoubtedly have many questions. You may be frightened and wonder where you can turn for answers. But most importantly, you're probably wondering how you can best support the one you love through this disease. Through support, communication, and education, you can be there and help your loved one during this stressful time. 

Supporting Your Loved One

While your loved one is going through treatment, they'll certainly need your emotional and physical support.

  • Be there: Let your loved one know that you'll be there. You don't have to talk, sometimes just holding a hand and sitting in silence is enough.
  • Maintain privacy: Never discuss their medical condition with others without their permission. It's important to give your loved one the privacy they need.
  • Encourage: If your loved one needs time with family or friends, be sure to encourage and support that.
  • Listen: Let your loved one talk and be there to listen. If they need a break from cancer talk, let them take the lead.

Listening and Communicating

Cancer, dying, and all the feelings you and your loved one are going through can be hard to discuss. But be open to the possibility of talking about your feelings. Let your loved one know how you feel about them and allow them to talk about their feelings. Set aside time for them to talk without interruption and don't stop making plans. It's important to have time together to look forward to in the future. Finally, finding support groups in your area can help you both as well.

Finding Answers

Before you can support a loved one through a mesothelioma diagnosis, it's a good idea to learn more about the disease. Knowing more about mesothelioma's symptoms, disease progression, and treatment options can help you give support where it's needed. But don't limit yourself to online research:

  • Medical appointments: If you're supporting a close family member, attend their medical appointments if you can. Ask questions and take notes for your loved one. Be a second set of ears so your loved one doesn't miss any important information.
  • Make a list: If you have questions, make a list and encourage your loved one to do so too. Going in with a list will prepare both of you to ask questions about treatment options, success rates, and symptoms. Make sure to allow your loved one to take the lead if they want to but be back up if needed. A list will make sure neither of you forgets any important questions.

In many cases, we never know exactly why one person gets mesothelioma and the next one doesn't. But if your loved one has high-risk factors like asbestos exposure, be sure to have them discuss it with their doctor.

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