What brought you to the legal profession?

After spending many years in the film and TV production industry, I realized that I needed to switch from working freelance to something more dependable.  The common thread was that stories always changed and although I would no longer entertain people, I could help them.

What are the greatest things about your work?

Helping those who have been hurt by drugs, devices and or environmental circumstances.

What do you enjoy beyond the firm and law?

Spending time with my daughter and her husband, newly married and still in the production industry in Los Angeles; my summer home on an island off the coast of Maine; dancing of all sorts; cooking; film and TV; political work.

To you, what’s the most important thing client’s need to understand when they come to you for help?  Why do they need to know that?

The most important thing they need to know is that I understand the fear of being diagnosed with the unexpected and what it feels like to ask for help.  As a breast cancer survivor, I feel that I have a deeper understanding of the level of compassion our clients need.

What’s the most important thing about law to you?

That it exists for all of us, equally.