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Kelsey Cheek

About Kelsey

As a paralegal at The Cheek Law Firm LLC, Kelsey assists with many aspects of the firm's asbestos, MDL and toxic tort docket, including intake, correspondence with clients and court personnel, filing of various Louisiana and MDL federal and state court pleadings, calendar management, scheduling depositions, ordering and summarizing medical and billing records, and assisting the attorneys as needed before and during trial.

Being born and raised in Friendswood, Texas, Kelsey is the youngest of 5 children. Kelsey is passionate about helping the “little guys” have their voices heard and working to ensure that justice is served for the injuries of the firm's clients.

In 2012, Kelsey began working as a paralegal/legal assistant at the Lanier Law Firm in Houston, Texas. She was excited about her new career and at the prospect of working hard for injured Plaintiffs — not to mention the added bonus of working at the same firm as her big sister (Lindsey). After 3 years of hard work and perseverance, she learned as much as she could about every aspect of litigation and trial and steadily climbed her way up the staffing/paralegal food chain. But, she wanted to do and learn more.

So How Did the Cheek Sisters Get Here?

Well, in 2015, Lindsey and Kelsey decided to take a leap of faith, and they packed up their lives and moved from Houston, Texas, to New Orleans, Louisiana, with the goal of creating a woman-owned and operated Plaintiff's law firm that was built on a reputation and culture of integrity. Shortly thereafter, in August 2015, The Cheek Law Firm LLC was established and officially opened its doors in New Orleans, Louisiana with not much more than a few crawfish tables for furniture and their faith in each other and in their collective ability to work hard for their clients.

To this date, The Cheek Law Firm LLC is a 100% woman-owned and operated law firm that practices and engages in 100% of litigation on behalf of Plaintiffs. Since its inception in 2015, The Cheek Law Firm LLC has been blessed with growth and in the successful representation of their deserving clients. The firm continues to distinguish itself both as a reputable and knowledgeable local Plaintiff's law firm in New Orleans and has also been recognized around the country by their peers, co-counsel (and even by opposing counsel), and their clients as a successful Plaintiff's firm with integrity who means business, and who works for and always puts the best interests of their clients first.

Kelsey's Passions

Kelsey studied Earth & Environmental Science at the University of New Orleans, which included mineralogy, so she is quite familiar with the extremely harmful physical and chemical properties of certain minerals, including asbestos and talc. She truly enjoys and derives immense satisfaction in helping the clients of the firm, as well as their families that have been harmed through no fault of their own — such as in asbestos, mesothelioma, and talc cases.

Kelsey has a black belt in karate, was a District 26 (Friendswood High School) wrestling champion, and is an active volunteer with the LA SPCA. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the piano, hiking, camping, and spending time with her (sister's) dogs and her family.

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