Kelsey Cheek is Lindsey's younger sister and right hand woman. Kelsey provides the necessary support and assistance to help the Cheek Law Firm, LLC function at its optimal level. She does everything from office and paralegal work to advertising and logistics planning. She provides every type of assistance that is necessary.

My sister and personal interest in the law brought me into the legal profession in March 2012. One of the most satisfying things about my work is helping people who can’t help themselves. I also enjoy the intellectual challenge and being able to work with my sister. Activities I enjoy include bike riding, hiking, camping, traveling the world, and experiencing different cultures.

One of the most important things clients need to understand when they come to me for help is that lawsuits are not just about “settling” for a high dollar amount, but more so to obtain justice for those who deserve it. No amount of money is worth losing a loved one.

There are many aspects of the law that I find interesting and I am very excited to continue learning about them. Research, adequate training, and connections allow me to pursue a proper understanding and continuing education of the law.